Our Story

Every product that we design is created with one goal in mind


Incite change, deviate from the norm, defy the status quo, and "BUCK Up" others with this same mindset. 

            Meet Mark


In 2014, I became a single Dad, to my boy - my Buck. In a world where Dads are seen as taking a back seat in the parental role, I stepped up to the challenge.

I grew up with just my Mom. "Dad" was foreign to me. I had never even used the word before!  I was scared.

Daily encounters, with strangers, in the grocery store or at the park, assuming this was my "hour window of Daddy time" didn't make the challenge any easier... Well, it actually did!

I became a Dad to rival the best Dad in the world!

I surrounded my son with my friends. Great men, to impact his life. He and I are a deviation from the norm. So are my friends! (Ethnically diverse, sexually open, world travelers, spiritual and non-judgemental).

They "Buck me up!" Backing my unique situation as if it were normal.

My son and I alone are a family.

All of us are a family. We are 'The Bucks'

This Brand stands to...                                                                          Buck the system, Buck the norm, Buck the world